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Fun and Hassle Free Learning
Sunday, November 25, 2007
Fun and hassle free learning

Being a parent always comes the irrational fear of doing something wrong and not doing the best in terms of raising children. Face it, no one is perfect and as with most everything else in this world, the concept of perfect or worse is relative to the observer.

Instead of worrying all the time and ending up being very strict with your child, loosen up and realize that as a parent, you are a guardian and loving guide of your child - not a dictator.

For instance, computer games and online gaming have become quite a craze among children, so much so that children tend to get hooked on these games and neglect all else.

This obviously is unacceptable but perhaps instead of banning computer games for your children, you can suggest better, more enjoyable computer games that are actually educational. This way, you two can reach a compromise and come to a win win situation for all involved instead of a master and conqueror type of setting that only breeds further problems that may well be carried on to the future.

Curtail your child's less than nice behavior by reinforcing good ones. Choose the best educational software for children that are truly fun, interactive and educational. Your children will unknowingly never stop learning as they continue to work on these educational software programs.

For some ideas on good quality educational software for children, below are a few picks off the market.

Enhance logic and analysis

Get your child a new pet that will keep them entertained and learning while having fun. With Clifford the Big Red Dog's Musical Memory Games, your child will be able to develop and enhance memory, logic and primary mathematical skills through fun and engaging challenges. This educational software for children boasts of 19 entertaining activities and challenges; engaging stories to motivate children to play; interactive programming that adapts to the player's learning progress; designed to allow your child to play independently; and it includes a comprehensive parent's guide.

An RPG adventure

Role Playing Games or RPG are quite popular among children from nine to twelve. Why not introduce your children of this age to ClueFinders' Math Adventures: Mystery of the Himalayas.

Get your child to figure out which of the Clue Finders he or she can relate to the most. Introduce your child to feisty Joni, level headed Santiago, Leslie the braniac, and the hamburger eating Owen. The interface of this game is so easy to use and the graphics are exceptional that keep even adults glued to the screen.

This children's educational software offers a host of puzzles and never ending adventure that will keep your children on an adventure toward honing and increasing their mathematical skills.

Enhance your child's inner Einstein

Give your kids the ultimate in children's educational software with the innovative Zoombinis Island Odyssey: A Heroic Trek of Math, Logic, and Science!

At Zoombini Isle, your child will embark on a thrilling adventure through cryptography, astronomy, ecology, mechanics, and a whole lot more. This particular children's educational software program is the third installation to the award-winning Zoombinis series.

The diabolical Bloats helped evacuate Zoombini Isle after they decimated the once-fertile and prosperous utopia. The Zoombinis, now settled in their new homeland are alarmed to learn of the island's sorry state... and are especially concerned about the fate of the wild Zerbies that once roamed the land. To restore Zoombini Isle and save the Zerbies, kids team up with a determined band of Zoombinis to navigate seven intriguing puzzles, with three levels of difficulty each.

This new and innovative scientific-thinking adventure is an exploration into astronomy, ecology, mechanics, cryptography, and more. The riveting story line and feeling of adventure capture your child and builds their scientific skills by following the scientific processes of collecting data, observing patterns, logical reasoning, forming and testing hypothesis and decoding complex processes. This children's educational software is the third title in the award-winning Zoombinis series. \


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