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Online learning, support and advice
Saturday, February 16, 2008
Online learning, support and advice

From one of the most trusted and creative media organization in the world, BBC brings education online for everyone through BBC-Learning.

Take time to visit the site with your kids and take advantage of the amazing portal for learning and learning activities for you and your kids to enjoy.

Quick links

Easy to see and access are the helpful “quick links” on the BBC Learning homepage. There are quite a number quick links to cover any possible areas of interest, from Adult Learning, Environmental Studies, Media Studies to Gardening! Each quick link opens up to another micro-site with a plethora of information.

Children’s Learning

One of the wonderful quick links on the BBC Learning homepage is the link on children’s learning, which when clicked, opens to a micro-site with a comprehensive list of topics and useful information on the said topic.

One of the links in the micro-site is the Science Clips which is actually a portal to a whole resource on science learning activities for children of all learning levels. Entering the site launches an inter-active flash program that allows the visitor to choose which level he or she belongs to.

After picking a level, the visitor can again choose from several topics to view. Once chosen, a video clip starts and the visitor can have fun interacting and having fun trying to figure out the different things to do with the video. When the visitor is satisfied with their exploration, they can click on the quiz option and get to test how well they understood the concepts presented to them by the fun interactive video.


Because it is the premiere education online website, the BBC Learning homepage carries a link to languages where visitors can learn a foreign language while having fun and learning about probably the most popular cup—the world cup 2006. The link actually opens up to a micro-site that is a fun game to guess what the German Headlines in the magazine is saying.

But German is not the only language in the language page. There is also a link to go to the languages homepage to learn about the other languages all around the world.

Disabled Podcast

More on the light and hip learning, yet another link on the BBC Learning homepage opens up to a micro-site on a humorous if not mildly sardonic podcast about disability. With a very grave and serious topic like that, the two pod cast hosts deliver charm and cutting humor that makes learning about disabilities not at all gloomy but hopeful and light. It makes for easy listening and will keep listeners with their ears glued to the podcasts.


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