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Education—free for all
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Education—free for all

Education is a very important facet of human life. To be able to successfully navigate through daily life and the intricacies of commerce and economics of day-to-day human activity, education is key.

But what if education is a privilege rather than luxury because of high costs and a small budget? Don’t despair because with technological advancements, you can learn through educational software—for free. Educational software are designed to effectively teach lessons from the basics to higher levels which are programmed by accredited individuals.


There exits numerous educational software and you can get them free at

This website offers easy to download and install free educational software that cover the basic skills or reading and writing. The first three software downloads are, Essay-writing, the English Language and a Study Skills program. Together with reading and writing free educational software, there are also modules on learning about computer programming, graphics and design.

Owl & Mouse

For children, there is Owl and Mouse—a website that offers free educational software for children. The site makes use of free educational software as a fun learning device that keeps the children entertained and glued to engaging activities and it doesn’t seem to be anything like traditional learning so they adapt and adopt lessons better.

The Owl & Mouse boasts of interactive maps that teach children about the world’s geography. There are also fun learning games that build and enhance reading, comprehension and language skills.

Download these free educational software without fear. Their system is backed by the latest anti-virus software.

The Teacher’s Guide

More for supplementary teaching, the Teacher’s Guide also offers free educational software. They have different learning and teaching modules for Kids and Parenting, Language, Mathematics, Science, and other Teaching Tools.

Check out the Teacher’s Guide website for a varied and extensive options for downloading free educational software that will suit your need.


At the they claim that, “the site swims with learning fun”. And rightly so because this site boasts of a wonderful collection of free educational software of fun and games for free.

They offer a really extensive list of activities and lessons that will keep parents, children and teachers occupied for a long time. There’s fun for everyone at the Gamequarium site. Who would have thought that learning could be that fun.

My Free Software is an unbelievable treasure trove of free educational software. When you enter the site you will be faced with an interface like most shopping websites where the educational software programs are displayed in windows with their pertinent information but when you look at the “price” part, it says, “free”.

The site showcases bundled educational software, all for free so, take advantage of the opportunity to introduce your toddler to Reader Rabbit who introduces counting, colors, shapes and the alphabet.

Or take your child on new adventures with a classic. The King and I educational software program boasts of an entertaining set of critical-thinking activities with all the lovable characters from the story of the King and I. All the brain exercise with cultural lessons as well. This free educational software is a must-have.

Because kids have an easier time learning a foreign language than adults do, take advantage of the free bundled educational software on foreign languages. These are designed for kids of all ages.


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